Ticket Launch Final Information for June 25 – Read all Instructions :)

Tickets On Sale Tuesday June 25 - 10am!

Hello again Rainbow Serpent tribe....... it's time!!!

Please find below important information you need to read in order to purchase your RSF2020 tickets!

Our team have spent a lot of time putting together all the information as clearly as possible so please take the time to read all instructions carefully. If you have further queries please read the ticket faq before you contact our ticketing department. 😉

Step 1. Create an account on our website -

After 10am Monday June 24

Before being able to purchase tickets you need to have an account on our website.

If you already had a user account on our website  your login details will be the same, so just login.  If you have forgotten your password please complete a password reset.

Once you have signed in to the website click on the  ‘Update My Details’ tab and make sure the required details are up to date. 

Step 2. Answer a few basic questions

Before you purchase your ticket to join us in 2020 we want to share a little bit about the culture surrounding our community and your role in making it a wonderful experience. So we ask you to answer a few simple multiple-choice questions to get your brain matter ticking. Once the questions have been answered correctly you will receive your ticket access.

Click on the ‘My Tickets’ tab and read through the information to begin answering the questions. 

Step 3. Buy your tickets to Rainbow 2020

From 10am Tuesday June 25

Once the questions are complete, a ‘Purchase Tickets’ button will appear.

Follow the ‘Purchase Tickets’ link displayed on the ‘My Tickets’ tab of your ‘My Account’ page on the Rainbow website and you will be taken to the Eventbrite page. Click on the green ‘Tickets’ button on the Eventbrite page which will reveal the tickets available to purchase.


If you are aged between 13-17 years old at the time of the event you will need to purchase a ‘YOUTH TICKET’ type. There will be additional steps required to complete both at the time of purchase and before you arrive at the event. These additional steps will require permission from at least one of your parents or guardians and you will need to identify a responsible person who will be attending the event together with you. Make sure you enter your correct birth date in your attendee details. It’s important your birthdate matches your ID to avoid being turned back at the gate.


When you get to Eventbrite to purchase your tickets you will be asked to enter attendee information. This year we require the details of each individual attendee. In previous years we have allowed an attendee to have their name on multiple tickets who then authorises another person to take the second wristband at the gate - that won’t be possible this year. If you don’t know the name of your other guests immediately that’s okay, you can come back and edit your tickets in your Eventbrite account at a later date, but keep in mind you will need to do this before we shut off the ability to update attendee information later in the year. 

Early Bird tickets on sale - 10am Tuesday June 25 to Sunday July 7

(Unless sold out prior - Limit 2 per customer)

Early Bird 1 $350+BF

Early Bird 2 $375+BF 

General Presale tickets on sale -10am Tuesday July 9th

(Limit 4 tickets per customer)

General Presale $420+BF 

YOUTH TICKET available at all tiers until sold out

Vehicle Pass $30 (Includes $10 refundable recycling deposit)

If you have any further questions please read our Ticket FAQ here >>

Much love - the RSF team <3