Rainbow Serpent Festival 2002

Location: Raglan East, VIC

Shiva Chandra (Live – Spirit Zone, Germany)
Psychaos (Atomic Records, UK)
Ubar Tmar (Live – Techno Flux, Japan)
Emok (Iboga Records, Denmark)
Pied Piper (Transient Records, UK)
Greg Coyle (Automatic, UK)
Constance Journey (Flying Rhino, Germany)
Sugar (Green Ant, Melbourne)

Aaron Smiles, Nic Taylor, Krusty, Ju Ju Space Jazz, Jet More (Tokyo), Mr Peculiar (Live), Fractal Glider (Live) Bags, Angler (Live), Ozzy, Andrew Corney, Gana Giri (Live), Pixelton, Steve Law, Northcore (Live), AB Didj (Live), Giner Martini, The Poultry Brothers, Mantrix (Live), Benza (Live), Psyburbia (Live), The Bird (Live), Decoy (Live), Lego Head (Live), Andrew Garion (Live), Ollie Olsen (Live), Franny, Omm Squad (Live), Organica, Paul Kearney (Live), Rip Van Hippy (Live), Resound, Gility (Live), Miss Renee, Toupee, Zog, Supersquare, Dark Network, 24K, Dub Mission (NZ), Don Peyote (Live), DJ Delay, Inner Realm, Billy Jazz, Raptor

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