Rainbow Serpent Festival 2004

Location: Raglan East, VIC

Deedrah (Spun Recores, Ibiza)
Orion (Solstice Records, Denmark)
Alien Project (TIP World, Israel)
Medicine Drum (Return to the Source, USA)
Wrecked Machine (Tnicanet, Brazil)
Pixel (Compact, Israel)
Sun Control Species (ZMA, Bryon)
Fractal Glider (Boom, Melbourne)
Sugar (Green Ant, Melbourne)
freQ (Iboga, Melbourne)
Bad Boys Gatcuada

Jean Borelli
Peter Didjital
Pied Piper
Greg Coyle

Ganga Giri, Organica, Decoy, Ozzy, Organic Majic, Avidd, Jet More, Mantrix, Sgt Dan, Raptor, Andrew Till, Pixelton, Eegor, Glitch, Alias, TD Shagga, Benza, Jasmine Holland, Toupee, inner Realm, Phil K, Senseint, Miss Renee, Funky Space Elf, Hans DC, Krusty, Obliveus, Brad Daniels, Heath Myers, Kundalini, Aaron Smiles, Shadow FX, Gavin Martin, Boydex vs Hell Kitte, Princess Trash, Benzai, Boyack & Sirc, Solateck, Nik Taylor, Moon, Dogom Rotor, Lex & Ruxspin, Andrew Carney, Zok, Scotrod, Dakini, Shane Ford, Billie Jazz.

Healing Workshops:
Mini Tipi Creation with Amanda King, Ecstatic Dance Temple with Antara Decker, Drumming Workshop with Chris Decker, Universal Music Teachings & Medicine Wheel Cycle with William Two Feather, Didge Workshop with Ganga Giri, Soul Caeira with Chan Griffin, Preparing for the Buddha of the Heart and the Role of the Feminine Principleat this time with Portia Mereki, Creative Kids Space with Kerrie Ann Love Fairy and Johanna & Momo-chan

Fire Art, Psycugenic Fire Tribe, Fusion Fire Tribe, Lu Hulla Butterfly, Trispen Entertainment, Pyroptix, Antara, Eugene ENR-G, Jane Fondle, Maintenance Crew, Medussa, Belfin & The Mayan Decoders, Lapeshia, Shibboleth, Tony Laser Man, Arcadia, Michelle & Ruth, Liquid Azure, Spindangele Theatre, The Flying Buttress Society Circus of Living Curiosities, The Emma & Annie show and more

Mutoid Waste Co, Space Between the Gaps, NOS, That Strange Girl, A little to the left, Metaform, Moon Beams, Luscious Temple, Level Nevel, Chocolate Stuido, Kitsch, Shroomz, Miscreant Workshop, Canopi Crew, Ki Art

Visual Artists:
Aqueous, TechnoVision, MasterDamus, Silent Disco, Olafalo, Electric Space Elf and The Travelling Kaleidoscopic Candle Bonanza

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