Rainbow Serpent Festival 2006

Location: Raglan East, VIC

Main Stage:
AES Dana (Live – Ultimae, France)
DJ Sal (Star Gate, Japan)
Olli wisdom (Live, Space Tribe, Australia)
Panick (Live, Neurobiotic, Israel)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic, Italiy)
Bamboo Forest (Live – MP Records, France)
Peter Didjital (MPDQX, Sweden)
Son Kite (Live – Digital Structures, Sweden)
freQ (Live – Iboga, Australia)
Frank Beckers (Sprout, Germany)

Market Stage:
Beauty & the Beat (Germany), Andrew Humphries (Organic Records, UK) Artax (Sweden), Stewart Walker (Persona Records, UK), Wild Marmalade (Byron, US), Minilogue (Digital Structures, Sweden), Hideyo Blackmoon (Tokyo, Japan), ABPM (maniac IQ, Japan), Sun Control Speices (Iboga, Aus), The Rush Effect (Melbourne), Phat Kontrollerz, Solatek, Mantrix, Andrew Till, Jaimz, Sensient, Aaron Smiles, Marcus, Beka, Mr Peculiar, Liquid, Tim Harvey, D-Mak, Sgt Dan, Eegor, Gavin Martin, Shadow FX, Benzai, Jonny Mac, Becoy, Hefty Output, Raptor, Benza, Nick Taylor, Jetmore, Andrew Haig, Bass Bin Laden, Deep Fried Dub, Morph, Gavin Keitel, Simon Slieker, Heath Myers, Pappa Stylee, Zen Paradox, Obliveus, Feigan, Hans DC, Kilroy, Max Grill, Miyagi, Toupee, Cecille, Not Happy Jan.

Chill Stage:
Bags, D-rek, Chestwig, Paul Abad, Rainbow Architect, Don Peyote, Thalamus, Miles of Dub, Spider Orchid, Kai, Zog, Ahimsa, DeJaVoodoo, Otto-Q, Wizzot, Dan Woodman, DJ Divine, The Desert Samurais, Andrew Till, Schofield, Ooze, Spydamonkey, Wendy Rule, Boffin, Taka, Mantrix (Chill set) Superflouous Nipple (Live), Dakini, Gaia, Spacey & Annunarchy, Hideyo Blackmoon

Pool Party:
DannyBoy (NZ), Flux (NZ), Bobby Raver, Zok, Billie Jaxx, Benson

Healing Workshops:
Mama Serpentine Art Exhibition – a Cry in the Wilderness, Temple of the Heart Meditation with Portia Mereki, Tara Dance with Janinne Searby, making a creative connection with Amanda Hanson, Kit Making with Anton Vikstrom, Kraft Corner with Kate and Carmel, Wake up service with R.I.S.E., Morning Hatha Yoga with Lester, Circus Workshops with Jull Maglio, Kundalini Dance wit hmia Snow, Tribal yoga with Life Now, Soul Capoeira with Chan Griffin, Meditation, hollistic skills & discussion with, George Ravin, David Jarvis, Janinne Searby, Portia Mereki, Mark Calvert.

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