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‘Work for a ticket’ FAQs

Exchange Questions:

Generally we ask of our volunteers to complete 3 x 6 hour shifts in exchange for a ticket to the event, this includes camping.

Roster release takes place in November and will be ongoing/updated until all positions have been filled. All role descriptions and arrival procedures will be made available at this time.

Confirmations will start in the beginning of October.

Applications will stay open until all positions have been filled.

No, not unless you want to book and pay for your own Glamping package.

Rainbow Serpent Festival BYO camping event and workers have access to the general camping area of the site. You need to bring your own camping equipment, which includes bedding, to keep yourselves comfortable during the event.

The exchange does not include meals, unless you are working during set-up or pack-down at the festival. Workers will need to bring their own non-perishables or buy food at one of the many vendors onsite. Please note: you cannot cook onsite. Australia is a climate of extreme fire risk. Under no circumstances can you bring or use gas burners onsite. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of entry into the festival.

The Workers Agreement outlines the engagement and expectation on you, as a confirmed participant. We utilize a payment gateway that securely stores your details which are held until successful completion of your allocated shifts.

A nominal, non-refundable fee is processed so that we have your details and in the unlikely event you do not complete your shifts, or break the terms & conditions of the event, or the Agreement, you will be charged the full price of an event ticket plus a $100 administrative fee.

Onsite Logistics Questions:

All this information will be provided to you upon delivery of your allocated role and shift times

No, there is not a specific camping area for participants of the ‘Work for a ticket’ program. Everyone camps in the general camping areas.

The short answer is no. Your allocated shifts will take into consideration your provided availability given in your application form.

It is advised you aim to be onsite a minimum 2 hours prior to your initial start time so that you can clear the front gate, park your vehicle and set up camp.

You may arrive any time during the event, and if your first shift starts prior to gates opening your coordinator will advise how this affects you.

The short answer is no. Not unless you have been approved and have been issued an early entry ticket. Only participants who work prior to or within 6 hours of the gates opening will receive an early.

If you are travelling in a car, via motorbike or on a magical rainbow serpent then YES, YOU REQUIRE A VEHICLE-PASS. The only exception for this are for people arriving via one of the chartered bus services. Please note: You only need one pass per vehicle. If you want to know why you are required to buy a vehicle pass please click here.

The short answer is no.

You will be given appropriate PPE which is to be worn during then returned at the end of your shift. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory. You need to provide your own shoes. You cannot work your shift without them.

Be practical and sensible when packing for the festival. Look ahead at the forecast; bring warm things, layered things, water-proof things, sun-smart things, things with lights, a torch, snacks, water bottle etc.

We love humans that are organised, accountable, communicative, fun and easy-going and who love working as a team!

Ticketing Questions:

Once you have been confirmed and you have completed the Workers Agreement you are locked in to role at the festival.

Workers may only enter the site on a specialty issued Workers ticket.

Your ticket will be sent to you prior to the event.

Please email The Support Team at to advise you of your options.

We anticipate tickets to be sent out within 2 weeks of the event.

Please email The Support Team at for further info if you have any queries.