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Work for a ticket

Applications to "Work for a ticket" for Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 are now open.

If you would like to become a part of the diverse team that make it all happen, please apply to ‘work for a ticket’ in exchange for entry into the festival.

The application form will stay open until a time where all positions have been filled.

For more info please refer to the Engagement Overview below or the FAQ section.


Engagement Overview

What is the exchange?

We generally ask participants to complete 3 x 6 hour shifts in exchange for a ticket to the 6 day festival, which includes camping.

There are very few set up/pack down positions; these participants may work beyond these hours, are fed, and get to enjoy the festival without any work hours required during the event.

How do I become involved?

1) You submit an application
You await confirmation.
3) If successful you complete the Workers Agreement to secure your position.
4) You receive your allocated position and shift times.
5) Your ticket is sent to you within 2 weeks of the festival.

What are the roles?

There are a diverse number of ‘work for a ticket’ roles at the festival.
The most commonly allocated ones through the Workers Hut are:

Arts: Assists in the logistics behind delivery of the display of sculpture and creation of the festival.
: Helping facilitate the oncoming and outgoing traffic of the festival.
Sustainability: Assist in the collection and sorting of waste onsite.
Rainbow Rangers: Is the onsite community engagement program that supports the festival in keeping people safe and having a good time.

Further roles are available. Please refer to the application form.
All successful participants are provided with an extensive position description upon successful application.

What’s the timeline?

Applications open: Early September

Position confirmations executed: From October

Role and roster release: From early December

Tickets sent: Early January

Please note; as we arrive closer to the event these dates will be finalised.

Please note our application system is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer it works best if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

There is no rush, please take your time to read the Application FAQs before you apply and good luck with your submission.